Amazon Services

Launch a new Revenue stream on the world’s largest retailer

Amazon accounts for over 40% of online sales and is the largest retailer in the world. Launching a beautiful Amazon store results in immediate boosts to your gross revenues.

Services Offered

Amazon Store Management

Let us help you launch and manage all the the intricacies of your Amazon store, from store setup and product launch, to advertising and enhanced brand content.

Amazon PPC Advertising

Simply launching an Amazon store sometimes is not enough. Advertising helps in getting your products to display at the top of search results.

Amazon Services Pricing

Learn how we can help you achieve the best possible results on Amazon’s platforms

amazon store build

Per 50 products
Setup account
Configure Shipping Rules
Get category approvals
Communicate with Support

$ 1,000

Build Amazon brand pages
Assist with brand registry
(pending trademarks)

$ 1,000

Per 100 products
Amazon Store Build
PPC Advertising
Integrate with your OMS
Competitor Research
Pricing Strategy
Monthly Reporting

$ 3,000

/ month

PPC Advertising

Per 50 products
Create Ad Campaigns
Manage keywords
Update bids weekly

Monthly reporting

$ 750

/ month

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