Google SEO Services

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services optimize not only the technical aspects of your website for Google and Bing search engines, but we also optimize your website for people too.

Titles, descriptions, alt tags, meta tags & schema

Google’s bots have to be able to read your website, clearly understand the structure and purpose of each page, and understand what your photos are about. Technical errors should not be a reason why your website does not rank well.

Page load speeds & mobile friendly design

More than half of internet search is done on a mobile device (and growing). Google will rank you based on how efficiently your website serves those customers. Is your website’s mobile experience up to par with your competitors?

Content, content, content

As they say, content is king. This was true 20 years ago and it’s will be true 20 years in the future. There is nothing else more valuable to add to your website than clear, concise, and informative content. 

Websites established as experts in their industry will rank higher

What does it take to become an expert?

A well-optimized website in conjunction with a competitive SEO strategy can earn your business a top spot in search engine results pages (SERPs). A well-optimized website would have a proper structure, image alt tags added, meta-titles and descriptions optimized for search results and more.

However, a competitive SEO strategy would identify you as an expert in your industry. Content is critical. And not just any content, but useful, informative content for your end customers, on a highly engaging website where other related topics might also help serve your customer’s needs.

We will identify top search terms in Google related to your industry and craft relevant articles to help consumers better find the information they are looking for.

Website Services

Learn how we can help drive traffic, increase revenues and deliver a consistent brand message across all platforms

PPC Services
$ 1,000

per month

  • Integrate Google platforms
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Create ad campaigns
  • Setup Merchant account
  • Setup shopping campaigns
  • Weekly bid adjustment
  • Monthly reporting
SEO Services
$ 2,000

per month

  • Integrate Google platforms
  • Keyword research
  • Update schema
  • 4 articles per month
  • 3 keywords per month
  • Acquire valid backlinks if possible
  • Monthly Reporting
transactional emails
$ 2,000

one time

  • Setup email platform
  • Create consistent branding
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Back in Stock emails
  • Review request emails
  • Welcome series emails
  • Browse Abandonment emails
  • Newsletter Popups
  • Winback emails
Email Marketing
$ 4,000

per month

  • Setup email platform
  • Create transactional emails
  • Weekly email blasts
  • Implement subscriber growth strategy
  • A/B Testing
  • Monthly reporting
Web Design
$ 3,000

one time

  • Help choose CMS platform
  • Competitor research
  • Build up to 30 pages
  • Add Schema Markup
  • Research apps & tools
  • Integrate with 3rd party software
  • 2 days of training
Full-Service Digital Marketing
$ 6,000

per month

  • Company Discovery sessions
  • Create branding guidelines
  • Identify software and tools needed
  • Review corporate structure
  • Build website (100 pages)
  • Setup social profiles
  • Setup and integrate Google/Microsoft accounts
  • Rebuild website
  • Setup transactional email campaigns
  • Manage Google PPC Campaigns
  • Implement SEO strategy
  • Ongoing monthly maintenance
  • Dedicated marketing expert
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly and Quarterly Reviews

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